Jonathan M

Perfect retreat after walking the streets of Phuket all afternoon. This place is very professionally run and looks very nice inside. I had a foot massage and the foot wash basins, massage chairs etc were all new, clean and good quality. The massage itself was very good and perfect pressure. The complimentary drink, snack and hot towel before and after the massage were nice touches to give this place quality. Excellent value for money considering how expensive the Phuket hotel's charge for massages!


I was only in Thailand for 4 days, and i came to Kim's 6 times. I mainly got the foot reflexology and head massage but it was absolutely amazing. I also had the Thai Massage one day, and the After Sun Treatment one evening. By far the best Massage for the price i have ever went. I highly highly recommand.

Gaurav Sangtani

Great Spa for Great Price. It was great spa experience for a great price. The staff was friendly and spent enough time on spa treatment without wasting any time. The ambience was good and the place was clean.


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