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Our business starts from a strong passion in massaging since the founder and her family love having a massage and experience the advantages of massage therapy.

They would love others to experience the same feeling. One day, they come up with this business wishing to deliver the same but better service ever to customers.


Since then, Kim's Massage and Spa, another big and warm family, has begun.

" Kim's Massage and Spa " is named after the founder's name, "Madame Kim," who built a small massage parlor room with 4 foot-massage chairs, 2 Thai-massage bed and 1 oil-massage bed in 1999.

She foresee the opportunity in spa business and intend to build Kim's Massage and Spa, the Thai spa, to be renowned in the world health society.'

Nowadays, we have 5 branches in Phuket town and another one in Rawai beach unde the brand of Kim's Massage & Spa.

 We also established another spa brand called " The Raintree Spa " which focuses on different target groups. We own 1 branch in Phuket and the other two in Bangkok.

Come visit us

"The best massage and spa in Phuket."

Reasonable same prices for all Thais or tourists. You can walk in or call for reservation.

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